Your Guide for Business & Leisure Travel Experience in South & East Serbia

What makes Serbia an appealing MICE destination?

Explore the allure of Serbia as a MICE destination.

 A combination of natural beauty, rich cultural-historical heritage, and an abundance of accommodating and meeting facilities tends to be just one of the reasons why Serbia provides numerous appealing options for the MICE industry.

This time, Bleisure DMC provides insight into Serbia’s appeal as a MICE destination. Being based in Nis, we would like to highlight its attractiveness to MICE tourism.

Unlocking Nis - Why it's Your Ideal MICE Destination

Located at the crossroads of the most important Balkan and European routes and connected with many cities in Europe by regular air traffic, Nis exhibits great MICE potential.
Good infrastructure including an international airport, and efficient traffic within the city alongside conference facilities are among the reasons why Nis tends to become an appealing MICE destination.

Nis’s allure as an appealing MICE destination is further enhanced by its bleisure tourist offerings. Modernly furnished and equipped hotel halls provide options for organizing bigger-scale conferences and other kinds of business events. In contrast, its thematic cultural-historical, and gastronomic offer provides a plethora of appealing options for organizing a larger number of MICE events. The fascinating awe-inspiring ancient monuments, the spa renowned for its thermal water and healing mud, alongside its local cuisine (a unique blend of Ottoman and Serbian traditional cuisine) offer limitless possibilities for unforgettable incentives.

Photo: Tami Congress Center, New City Hotel & Restaurant, Ambasador Hotel, Science Technological Park

Serbia is an appealing MICE destination

What makes Serbia an appealing MICE (i.e. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events) destination is its favorable geographic location and rich tourist offerings.

Situated in the heart of the Balkans, Serbia possesses a very favorable geographic location. International highways (e.g. E-75) passing through the country connect it to Central Europe, Turkey, and the rest of the peninsula, while international airports, good infrastructure, and efficient traffic within bigger cities reinforce the possibilities for MICE events.

Photo: Hyatt Regency, Mona Plaza, Saint Ten, Crown Plaza, Metropol Palace, Sava Congress Center 

Serbia’s allure as an appealing MICE destination is further enhanced by a blend of breathtaking natural wonders, unique Central European and Oriental cultural-historical traditions alongside up-to-date accommodating facilities. Considering natural beauties, its magnificent mountains or splendid gorges and canyons provide indispensable resources for perfect team building activities to boost the employees’ morale.  Serbia offers incentives to the ones preferring activities rid of the adrenaline. Picturesque Central European and Oriental-style places, medieval monasteries, vineyards, and spas create ideal venues for memorable incentives.

Discover Serbian rich cultural and historical heritage. Serbian Plum brandy - Rakia Sljivovica is on the UNESCO list of intangible heritage of Serbia.

As MICE organizer in Serbia, we invite you to create memorable impressions and enjoy the magnificent landscapes, or authentic local gastronomy. In case one opts for congress tourism, Serbia provides several appealing options for congress venues since the state-of-the-art facilities support the organization of various types of business events.

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