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Top 15 conference venues in Serbia

Learn more about conference venues which are amongst the best in Serbia.

Finding a perfect conference venue to suit the conference requirements tends to be quite a demanding task. Venue location represents another bullet on this checklist since the organizers do not want that delegates lose a precious amount of time in traffic.

After years of professional background in MICE business, BLeisureDMC opts for choosing hotels as conference venues due to the fact that it is cost-effective to host a conference and accommodate delegates at the same venue or finding a conference venue in the proximity of the accommodation. Having this in mind, we made this list of top 15 conference venues in Serbia located in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis.

Photo: Sava Center Belgrade 



Located in the proximity of Belgrade downtown (New Belgrade municipality), Sava Center is situated in the vicinity of many hotels. The reason why Sava Center is considered one of the top conference venues in Serbia and SouthEastern Europe lies in the fact that it is equiped with cutting-edge technology and is easily adaptable to suit all types of business events from business meetings and seminars to congresses and conferences.

The 46 halls with seating capacity 10 – 4000 seats and amenities such as projectors, projecting screens scattered all over the place support the organization of all types of events. Larger halls such as Main Hall (area:1250m2, seating capacity: 1200), Immersive Hall (area:900m2, seating capacity:1000), Amphitheater Hall (area:560m2, seating capacity:500) or Blue Hall (area:900m2, seating capacity: 4000) are extremely flexible regarding conference organization since these can be divided into three smaller conference rooms, while smaller conferences halls up to 210m2 (area: 120-210m2, seating capacity:100-180) and up to 120m2 (area:60-120m2, seating capacity: 10-100) are convenient for organizing both smaller conferences and other events such as board meetings, panels, etc.

Photo: Hyatt Cristal Ballroom 


With its modern event spaces and meetings rooms and proximity to the Sava Center and the Nikola Tesla Airport (15 minutes drive), Hyatt Regency Belgrade is one of the best venues to host conference events in Belgrade. What brings it to this list is its adaptability to suit all types of business events and amenties at the delegates’ disposal such as video conferencing or translation booth in plenary.

Hyatt comprises a total of 1268m2 plenary space. Its largest conference room Cristal Ballroom(area: 559m2, seating capacity:600 theater style) can be expanded by conjoining it with Cristal Ballroom 1/3 (area: 184m2, seating capacity: 200 theater style) and Cristal Ballroom 2/3 (area:374m2, seating capacity: 400 theater style) to form a larger conference hall suitable for bigger-scale conference and other business events. Smaller rooms such as Budva (area: 93m2, seating capacity: 80 theater) and Belgrade (area: 63m2, seating capacity: 40 theater style) are convenient for hosting seminars, educations, etc; however, the two can be adapted by expansion into a smaller conference venue Budva/Belgrade(area:156m2, seating capacity: 150 theater style). Also, Hyatt’s smaller conference halls Studio 1(area: 68m2, seating capacity: 144 theater style) and Studio 2 (area: 50m2, seating capacity: 100 theater style) are perfect for organizing smaller conferences and other types of MICE events.

Conference planning can be a demanding task, however, Hyatt’s advantage when compared to the competition lies in the fact that the hotel’s professional staff are going to assist event organizers during the entire process of event planning and take care of all their wishes and requirements by including features necessary for the conference.

Photo: Radisson Collection Hotel Old Mill Belgrade 


Radisson’s sophisticated interior supports the organization of all kinds of business events. Radisson Old Mill features 8 conference venues streching at 500m2, with up to 225 seats theater style seating capacity. Its M1, M2 and M3 venues are equipped with the exceptional latest technology equipment like video conferencing capabilities or high speed wi-fi.

Regarding other amenities, it needs to be said that venues are lit by natural lighting, whereas the team of dedicated employees assist in organizing conferences. It needs to be mentioned that M1 (area:80m2, seating capacity: 24 U-shape, 36 classroom, 24 conference, 30 square, 70 theater style, 36 cabaret, 60 banquet and 80 cocktail) and M2 (area: 130m2, seating capacity: 27 U-shape, 48 classroom, 24 conference, 36 square, 112 theater, 48 cabaret, 90 banquet and 120 cocktail) venues can be conjoined and adapted into a bigger conference venue. Individually, these two venues support the organization of smaller conferences, seminars, educations or trainings.

Almost twice as small M3 (area: 53m2, seating capacity: 21 U-shape, 32 classroom, 18 conference, 24 square, 45 theater, 24 cabaret, 30 banquet and 30 cocktail) is ideally suited for facilitating seminars, educations, courses or trainings. Furthermore, Radisson offers the possibility of hosting outdoor conferences and other business events at the Piazza, the hotel’s open area of 850 m2.

Photo: Metropol Palace Belgrade Hotel 


Approximately half a kilometer distanced from Belgrade downtown, Metropol Palace features stunning conference halls combined with exceptional service, while dedicated event planners will create the perfect conference event appropriate for the occasion. Metropol Palace comprises 2,330m2 of event spaces including 9 conference halls suitable for hosting conferences, congresses or seminars, while the set-ups vary in regard to the number of participants and purpose.

Their largest conference hall Ivo Andric Ballroom (area: 800m2, seating capacity: 160 U-shape, 160 T-shape, 400 classroom, 170 conference, 175 square, 900 theater style, 320 cabaret, 650 banquet and 850 cocktail) embodies a venue appropriate for hosting bigger-scale conferences, congresses and banquets, while the venue exhibits flexibility regarding conference organization as it can be divided into two smaller venues Ivo Andric A and Ivo Andric B. Nikola Tesla Hall (area: 303 m2, seating capacity: 90 U-shape, 90 T-shape, 170 classroom, 95 conference, 100 square, 300 theater, 150 cabaret, 200 banquet and 260 cocktail) is a venue appropriate for hosting medium-sized conferences and events, whereas it can be adapted to suit the needs of event organizers by dividing it in three smaller conference rooms Nikola Tesla A, Nikola Tesla B and Nikola Tesla C.

Smaller rooms Lavender (area: 240m2, seating capacity: 50 U-shape, 50 T-shape, 170 classroom, 50 conference, 55 square, 170 theater, 80 cabaret, 100 banquet and 150 cocktail) Sokrat (area: 22m2, seating capacity: 12 conference, 12 square and 8 cabaret) and Aristotel (area: 75m2, seating capacity: 25 U-shape, 25 T-shape, 40 classroom, 25 conference, 30 square, 70 theater style, 16 cabaret, 50 banquet and 40 cocktail) create perfect venues for hosting smaller conferences, seminars, board meetings and educations. Metropol also offers numerous possibilities for outside events in covered and uncovered spaces with park surroundings.

Delegates can find 24hours business center access at their disposal. Business center is equiped with state-of-the art technology like projectors, projecting screens, printers, microphones, flipcharts, LCD screens, desktop computer, interpreter’s booth, RGB lighting and more. Other amenities include custom catering.

Photo: Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade 


One should not be worried of organizing a conference or other event at Falkensteiner due to the fact that hotel staff organizes the conference according to the client’s wishes, paying attention of every tiny detail. Falkensteiner’s conference room includes 6 conference halls streching at 700m2 on two floors. Lit by daily light and situated in the peaceful part of the hotel, both boardrooms and conference halls are multifunctional and designed to suit various purposes. Taking other amenities apart from technical facilities, the halls are airconditioned and isolated.

White Pearl, the biggest hall (area: 299m2, seating capacity: 100 U-shape, 100 T-shape, 160 classroom, 360 theater style, 180 banquet and 450 cocktail), supports the organization of bigger-scale events like bigger-scale conferences, congresses or banquets.

Four of the rooms, i.e. Tourmaline, Iolite, Spinel and Rhodonite are prone to conjoining into bigger ones or separation.

Equally-sized Spinel and Rhodonite (area: 61m2, seating capacity: 26 U-shape, 26 T-shape, 26 classroom, 30 conference, 30 square, 58 theater, 22 banquets and 76 cocktail) are combined together into a larger conference venue, while they typically serve as smaller conference, seminar or educations venues.

Individually, Tourmaline (area: 64m2, seating capacity: 28 U-shape, 28 T-shape, 26 classroom, 32 conference, 32 square, 60 theater, 24 banquet and 80 cocktail) and Iolite (area: 139m2, seating capacity: 32 U-shape, 32 T-shape, 30 classroom, 38 conference, 38 square, 70 theater style, 28 banquet and 95 cocktail) create perfect venues for hosting smaller conferences, seminars, educations or smaller banquets and receptions. When combined, these two create a perfect venue which supports organizing bigger-scale conferences.

Finally, the smallest rooms Diamond (area: 40m2, seating capacity: 16 conference and 16 square) and Platin (area: 35m2, seating capacity: 12 conference and 12 square) are ideal for hosting board meetings.

Photo: Hotel Moskva 


Located at the Terazije Square in the proximity of the Belgrade Fair, Hotel Moskva offers multiple options . Considering conference venues, Moskva comprises 5 conference halls. Its largest hall Balkanska (area:174m2, seating capacity: 70 U-shape, 90 classroom, 70 board, 220 theater style, 100 banquet, 150 cocktail and 50 cabaret) supports the organization of bigger-scale conferences and banquets. The second largest hall Moskva (area: 108m2, seating capacity: 35 U-shape, 35 classroom, 35 board, 80 theater, 30 banquet, 80 cocktail and 25 cabaret) is a perfect venue for hosting smaller conferences, seminars or educations. Other conference halls are as twice as small, except for Mala Moskva (area: 70m2, seating capacity: 20 U-shape, 20 classroom, 20 board, 30 theater style, 50 banquet, 70 cocktail and 30 cabaret), thus bearing the potential for organizing seminars and educations, or even smaller conferences like press conferences. Terazije hall (area: 35m2, seating capacity: 35 U-shape, 35 classroom, 35 board, 70 theater, 50 banquet, 60 seats cocktail and 25 cabaret) and Kralj Milan Hall (area: 54m2, seating capacity: 20 U-shape, 28 classroom, 20 board and 40 theater) are convenient for hosting smaller conferences, board meetings and seminars. Balkanska and Terazije halls can be conjoined and readapted into a bigger conference hall suitable for bigger-scale conferences.

Taking technical facilities in account, Moskva’ s business center is fully equipped with state -of-the-art technical equipment alongside complementary high-speed Internet. N.B. Additional equipment is provided upon request.

Photo: Envoy Hotel Belgrade 


Situated nearby the same-named hotel, Envoy Conference Center features multifunctional space distributed in 6 conference venues equipped with modern equipment like video projectors, screens, LCD screens, laptop, free wi-fi, microphones and sound systems, modular audio isolation panels, writing boards and flipcharts.

The advantage of Envoy lies in its quick space adaptability to suit the requirements of all types of conferences and satisfy the needs of different clients ranging from NGOs to leading companies in Serbia.

Regarding conference halls, Envoy’s largest conference hall Salvador Dali (area: 171.4 m2, seating capacity: 200 theater, 76 classroom, 76 U-shape, 76 T-shape and 140 cocktail) posesses all techical equipment listed, thus being a convenient venue to host conferences; however, it is also prone to adaptation by dividing it in two smaller halls Salvador and Dali suitable for hosting smaller conferences.

Other halls like Cezanne (area: 30.82 m2, seating capacity: 30 theater, 12 classroom, 12 seats U-shape, 14 conference, 12 T-shape and 30 cocktail), Matisse (32.68 m2, seating capacity: 34 theater, 12 classroom, 16 U-shape, 20 conference, 16 T-shape and 30 cocktail) and Picasso (area: 42.16m2, seating capacity: 30 theater, 18 classroom, 12 U-shape, 14 T-shape and 40 seats cocktail) equiped with LCD screens, laptops, free wi-fi, writing boards and flipcharts embody perfect venues for hosting board meetings and seminars, while Conference Room is ideally suited for meetings, trainings and courses.


Photo: Crowne Plaza Belgrade 


Situated in the heart of the New Belgrade business district, Crowne Plaza has direct access to the Sava Center. Considering its conference potential, Crowne Plaza consists of 15 meeting rooms which can hold both bigger-scale and smaller conferences and include the latest technology, customized menus and unforgettable experience. For instance, its Pacific room with 450 seating places can be combined with the Atlantic room to hold as many as 600 seats (theater) or 800 (reception). Moreover, the Atlantic room (360 seats) tends to be more convenient for holding smaller conferences; however, it can be expanded by combining it with Atlantic I+II+III or with Pacific.

Photo: Mona Plaza Belgrade 


Located in the Dorcol, Mona Plaza finds itself in the vicinity of all events in Belgrade alongside the landmarks as well. Streching at more than 2,000m2 of conference-exhibition room, Mona Plaza represents one of the top venues to organize all types of conferences. Equipped with the latest technology together with amenities such as high-speed Internet and airconditioning, its multifunctional space is easily adapted to suit versatile events.

The hotel’s congress center comprises Grand Room with up to 330 seating capacity (theater style), erecting up to three levels, including ground floor with multifunctional banquet hall and first and second floor with conference halls.

Photo: Hilton Belgrade 


Hilton is renowned for its multifunctional meeting spaces for up to 526 guests. Its largest conference hall Tsar Dusan (401m2) represents a perfect venue for organizing both bigger-scale and smaller conferences. Its seating capacity 250 banquet, 72 conference, 600 reception, 230 classroom, 526 theater and 69 U-shape is convenient for organizing both bigger-scale and smaller conferences as well as other types of business events such as board meetings or seminars, due to the fact that the room can be adapted to suit versatile functions. On the other hand, Conference 1(area: 86m2, seating capacity 72 banquet, 30 conference, 100 reception, 96 banquet, 100 theater and 27 seats U-shape), Conference 2(area: 47m2, seating capacity: 36 banquet, 16 conference, 40 reception, 24 classroom, 30 theater and 20 U-shape) and Conference 3(area: 46 m2, seating capacity 36 banquet, 16 conference, 40 reception, 24 classroom, 30 theater and 20 U-shape) featuring modern technological equipment are suitable for organizing smaller conferences and other business events.

Photo: Sheraton Novi Sad 



Sheraton Novi Sad features modern conference venue suitable for hosting versatile events. Multifunctional spaces are prone to adaptations into larger or smaller venues.

Constantinus 1 (area: 45m2, seating capacity: 18 U-shape, 25 T-shape, 35 classroom, 30 conference, 30 square, 50 theater, 50 banquet and 45 cocktail) and Constantinus 2 (area: 55m2, seating capacity: 20 U-shape, 25 T-shape, 38 classroom, 32 conference, 32 square, 50 theater, 24 cabaret, 42 banquet and 50 cocktail) create ideal venues for versatile events from smaller conferences to workshops, seminars and board meetings. Constantinus 1 and 2 can be expanded into a bigger venue hosting up to 180 delegates.

Meeting Room A (area: 70 m2, seating capacity: 30 U-shape, 25 T-shape, 40 classroom, 35 conference, 35 square, 60 theater, 36 cabaret, 56 banquet and 100 cocktail), Meeting Room B (area: 75m2, seating capacity: 30 U-shape, 26 T-shape, 45 classroom, 35 conference, 35 square, 65 theater, 36 cabaret, 64 banquet and 100 cocktail) and Meeting Room C (area: 100m2, seating capacity: 50 U-shape, 35 T-shape, 70 classroom, 45 conference, 45 square, 100 theater, 54 cabaret, 80 banquet and 120 cocktail) represent multifunctional venues supporting the organization of versatile business events. Also Meeting Room A and Meeting Room B can be expanded into a larger venue suitable for hosting bigger-scale conferences, while the same applies to Meeting Room B and Meeting Room C.

Photo: Tami Resort Hotels 



A leader in MICE business in South and East Serbia, Tami Resort offers five multifunctional conference halls and two fully equipped meeting rooms ready for conferences and other business events.

With amenities such as projection screens, projectors, microphones, wifi, live screens, interpreter’s booths, state-of-the art audiovisual technology like video conferencing or live streaming at delegates’ disposal, delegates will feel at ease. Another reason why Tamy Congress Center is among top fifteen conference venues in Serbia lies in its potential for organizing international conference events due to the fact that Tamy Congress Center posesses a room for simultaneous translation and an interpreter’s booth.

Also, its biggest 367m2 pillar-free Constantinus Ballroom Is convenient for organizing bigger-scale events due to the fact that it can host 280 diners or 350 delegates theater style.

Photo: New City Hotel & Restaurant 


Located at Nis downtown, New City Hotel bears the potential to host different types of conference events since it offers two conference halls, a banquet room and a boardroom with all the amenities such as projectors, projection screens, microphones, interpreter booths, wi-fi. The 398m2 Banquet room (seating capacity: 250 theater, up to 300 cocktail, 70 classroom, 70 U-shape, 80 square and 215 banquet) can easily be adapted from the ballroom into a larger-scale conference venue. New City also bears the potential to organize international conferences. Namely, its Metropolitan Hall (area: 163m2,seating capacity: 120 theater style, 50 classroom and 80 U-shape) with a functional deaf room allows simultaneous translation and organization of different international venues such as conferences, seminars, meetings, presentations, educations. Finally, its Board Room is suitable for organizing video conferences and board meetings since it accommodates 30 seats theater style, 20 seats classroom and up to 15 seats banquet.

Photo: Ambasador Hotel 


According to their own testimony, Ambasador is the best place to host conferences with its modern event spaces and meeting rooms. Its advantage when compared to the competition in Nis lies in its location at the town nucleus, the adaptability of the venues to suit the conference needs, while the clients are aided by the staff during the event planning process. Taking other advantages of this venue in consideration, the conference rooms are spacious, elegant and well equipped, whereas the seating capacity includes up to 60 seats theater style, up to 30 seats classroom style, up to 30 seats U-shape, up to 30 seats boardroom and up to 40 seats banquet.

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