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Prolom Spa

Prolom Banja is located in the south of Serbia, on the slopes of Radan Mountain, with thick forest. Its altitude ranges from 550 m to 668 m, and it is among the highest spas in Serbia. The climate is moderately continental, with some subalpine features. It results in mild summers, with fresh evenings and cold, long winters. The climatic factors of the Prolom Banja characterize low humidity, and a gentle breeze.
It is 23 km away from Kursumlija, 82 km from Nis, 75 km from Leskovac, 90 km from Krusevac, and 290 km away from Belgrade.

Medicinal Factors and Therapeutic Indications in Prolom Banja

Prolom Banja became famous for its bottled Prolom Voda (Prolom Water) that you can buy in any supermarket. This water belongs to a rare type of mineral water, of high balneological value, which makes it suitable for a wide range of indications. Spring water is natural mineral water that contains ozone and silicic acid, with some fluoride. PH does not fall below 8.5 and does not rise above 9. Water temperature ranges between 26 ̊C and 31.5 ̊C. It is mild, pleasant, and odorless recommended for everyone. The medicinal effect of the water has proven in the human body.

  •     It reduces the acidity of gastric juice
  •     Affects the healing of the digestive organ
  •     It is recognized for its powerful effect on removing kidney stones and sand and affects all kidney diseases as well
  •     It has a diuretic and bacteriostatic effect

The Spa also has Peloid mud, which mixed with Prolom Water undergoes several stages before it becomes ready for therapeutic use.
Excellent team of physicians and physiatrists at Hotel Radan perform medical treatments by consuming drinking mineral water, hydrotherapy, paloid mud therapy, electrotherapy, Chinese therapy, and manual massage. 

Indications for staying in Prolom Banja are, chronic kidney, urinary tract and prostate infections, condition after surgery on the urinary system, diagnosed kidney stones, and sand in the urinary tract,  hyperacid gastritis, chronic constipation, inflammation in the bile ducts, recovery after digestive system surgery, eczema, psoriasis, varicose ulcer,  peripheral artery diseases, and Extra-articular rheumatism.

The wellness & beauty program

The guests can enjoy the wellness program, which goes in favor that this spa does not only mean to treat the disease than to suggest the actions that prevent the disease.

Relax in the wellness & beauty program at Hotel Radan

  •     Bioelectric face toning
  •     Complex cellulite therapy
  •     Manual body massage
  •     Bioptron therapy
  •     Relax Center with Indoor & Outdoor pool
  •     World of Saunas (Bio, Finnish, Infrared Sauna, Steam Bath, Tepidarium)
  •     Salt Room Halotherapy
  •     Kneipp Path 
  •     Infra-Red Capsule
  •     Esthetic treatments (Radio-wave surgery, diamond microdermabrasion)
  •     Fitness Center

Tours & Activities around Spa 

Prolom Banja is only 82 km away from Nis, so it is a great chance to visit the birth city of the Roman Emperor, Constantin the Great, and many cultural-historical monuments that attract visitors. On the way to Prokuplje Archaeological site, Plocnik is located 31 km away, wherefrom very close is fascinating paleontological site Prebreza, just 28 km away.

Photo: Katarina Z, CC BY 3.0 ; Dragan Cvetkovic, CC BY 3.0

If you are staying in Prolom Banja, then you should make a day trip to Kursumlijska Banja 32 km, and Lukovska Banja 56 km, and plan your vacation for next time.
The natural attraction in South Serbia is certainly the world-famous Devil's Town (Djavolja Varos), only 30 km away from Spa. It is known for two natural phenomena, two sources of extremely acidic and mineralized water, and 202 stone figures, that look very mystical, and attractive together. 

Prolom Banja is only 82 km away from Nis, so it is a great chance to visit the birth city of the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, and many cultural-historical monuments that attract visitors. On the way to Prokuplje, you should visit, Archaeological site Plocnik located 30 km away from the Spa, and Prebreza the only Paleontological site in Serbia, are only 53 km away in total.